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My practice focuses on health and wellness. I believe that we all can improve our well-being by harnessing insight and intentionality in our personal and professional lives. I enjoy working with clients to help them become aware of their thoughts, emotions and actions. I believe it is from a position of self-awareness and vulnerability that long-lasting changes can be made. I am currently seeing clients at Deer Roots Therapy in Charlotte, NC. Please feel free to email me or call to set up an initial session.

About Rebecca Glavin

therapists charlotte, nc
  • Focuses on health and wellness including mental, physical and professional well-being
  • Works with children, adolescent and adult clients and is fluent in Spanish
  • Strives to validate and empower peopleĀ to seek balance in their lives
  • Views coaching and counselingĀ as collaborative processes and aims to create an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance in each session

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